The American Embassy at the northern end of the Manila Bay Walk


  Fishermen at the southern end of Manila Bay Walk

On 27 September 2011, Typhoon Pedring's storm surge caused extensive damage to the sea walls of Manila Bay Walk.

I have visited Manila Bay Walk a couple of times since then, and have been interested to observe the renovations that have taken place.

I have used below four photos from the WWW, to illustrate the effects of Typhoon Pedring.

Extensive flooding occurred as illustrated in the photo of the US Embassy gates. Museo Pambata and Sofitel Philippine Plaza were also affected by flooding.

On April 2012, the sea walls were once again opened to public and it was also provided with a more robust design to become more resistant to, and withstand, a strong storm surge.

On my last visit in June 2014 there was a strong onshore wind, and while walking from the American Embassy end of Manila BayWalk, the smell of raw sewerage was very marked.

A link to the page of my visit prior to Typhoon Pedring is given below:

Manila BayWalk in January 2010

Spear Fisherman - Manila Bay
Typhoon Pedring - Sept. 27 2011
Flooded entrance to US Embassy - 27 Sept. 2011
Typhoon Pedring Damage - September 2011


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Aftermath of Typhoon Pedring - September 2011
Harbour View Restaurant

On the return trip in Sept. 2012 I started from the northern end of the BayWalk, first enjoying a meal with friends at the Harbour View Restaurant. It had a good view of the American Embassy.

Roof of the Harbour View Restaurant
Cranes positioned for rock placement
Rocks to protect the concrete sea wall
Rockplacements - Manila BayWalk
Back hoe for renovations
The Seafarer - 2012

This sculpture is situated near the Manila Yacht Club. The seafarer seems ready to face any typhoon.

The Seafarer - 2014

Two years later the seafarer appears to have had a swim in a pool of green paint!

Maximov V.Soliven
'The Seafarer' - Front view Jan 2010
The father without arms - June 2014
The one armed father - September 2012
Evelio Javier and 'Ninoy Aquino'
Arsenio H. Lacson
A trio out for a stroll along BayWalk
A stall sheltered against the wind
Swimmers in Manila Bay
Fisherman opposite the Philippine Naval HQ
Manila Yacht Club