View of Tilik Harbour from the homestead
  Note: Ambil Island can be seen behind Natalon Point.


Statue of a saint

The view above is taken from the Tesalona family's home.

On entering Tilik harbour by ferry, the Tesalona home is the building that is most noticeable

A photo on the right, at the level below, below shows the building when the ferry passes the Tsunami warning installation.

The property illustrated and the Angelica bottled water supply business is owned by "Angelica & Eric Paradise Home Inc.", which is a Tesalona family business.

They do not run a resort, or homestay, but have two or more flats, which at times are available for rent.

In 1995 10 hectares was purchased and the land cleared. Construction of the house started in 1997 and finished in 2003.

The House behind the water purification plant in Tilik was built in 2004 and the water station started in May 2007. In May 2010 the Lubang water plant was purchased and rehoused - construction in progress when I visited it.

Angelica was born in Ilolo and graduated as a nurse at St Pauls Hospital. She married Eric, a medical laboritory technician, in Davao. She was a nurse at the community centre in Lubang from 1956 to 1974. They spent 25 years in New York.

Eric and Angelica have 3 sons and three daughters, all working in medical or associated fields.

Angelica & Eric Paradise Home Inc. - Homestead
Tilik National High School, Natalon Point and Fortune Island viewed from the Homestead
Note: Fortune Island can just be seen behind Natalon Point on the horizon
View of the Angelica & Eric Paradise Home Inc.  Homestead and a Channel Marker and Tsunami monitoring device from Tilik Harbour
Yhe Last Supper - Tesalona Homestead
The Resurrection
A living room at the Tesalona Homestead
Authorised Dealer for Angelica bottled water
Shop at Angelica Water purifying station at Tilik
Angelica Water Purification Station in Lubang
Angelica Water Purification Plant at Tilik