Malinta Tunnel Interior


Communications Tower - Corregidor Island

With reference to the picture of Malinta Tunnel above:
During the re-taking of the island by U.S. forces in 1945, the tunnel entrance was blocked as a result of gunfire from USS Converse (DD-509).

Japanese soldiers who had been trapped in the tunnel, began committing suicide by detonating explosives within the bowels of the tunnel complex on the night of February 23, 1945.

The collapsed laterals resulting from these explosions have never been excavated.

The information above is from Wikipedia.

I went to Corregidor Island at the suggestion of Father Gino Santos who served a term as the parish priest at Tagbac, Lubang Island.

I made two one day trips as two members of our party could not make it the first time. So I took the opportunity to revisit it - I am glad I did because there is so much to see and so little time.

Being rather deaf I could not understand what the tour guide was saying or listen to the audio-visual presentations - so I missed out on a lot of good information.

The images on each the side of this column could be perceived as depicting monuments to God and Technology.

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General References:

A 10 foot high stone Buddha at the Japanese garden for Peace
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North Dock 8 inch gun barrel
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Corregidor Foundation Inc. Administration
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Tramvia Terminal at North Mine Wharf
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1945 American attack map modified to show some information for tourists