Overview of UEP


  Mark Sumook, Xmas 2006

Above the RAB Ampitheatre in the area formerly known as "Scout City", but renamed the "UEP Eco Park", is a partly drained lake and the remains of a canoe - illustrated on the right.

During the Xmas period in 2006, almost by chance, I took the photo of Mark shown on the left.

I enjoyed talking to Mark, as he had a good sense of humour, and spoke English very well.

So I was sad to learn of his untimely death, along with some companions, at the lake in early 2007.

Scout City has been the venue of national, regional and provincial boy scout jamborees.

The first World Scout Jamboree hosted in Asia was in 1959 at Mount Makiling, Los Banos, Laguna. There were 12,203 Scouts from 44 countries.

Many of the buildings in the Eco Park appear to be associated with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The lower half of this page includes photos outside the UEP Eco Park.

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Partly drained lake and a direlect canoe - the place where Mark was found.
Blocked off inlet to the Lake

Entrance to Scout Camp
Wild Life Rescue Center

PGNS-UEP-DENR (Provincial Government of Northern Samar, UEP, Department of Environment and Natural Resources).

The rescue center serves as temporary refuge for confiscated, abandoned or donated wildlife.

Philippine Eagle
Part of the Scout City recreation ground.
Podium at the recreation ground
Building at recreation ground

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Machine in the building at the left
Interior of Octagon
Traditional Hut?
Preparing containers for seedlings
Prepared pot plants
Seedlings of an endangered species
GMA rice program

The GMA Program is focused on attaining its goals of the Philippines being 100% rice self-sufficient by 2013, and the improvement of rice productivity and income of farmers.

Storage shed with winnowing machine
Lecture facilities building
Lecture in progress
Lecture preparation
The Piggery

Note: The road stretching between San Isidro to Rawis, Laoang is a legacy from the NSIRDP Project which was funded by Australia in the late 70s. They left their houses at the UEP Eco Park about 1986.

Remains of a house from the Australian funded NSIRDP Project

Northern Samar Integrated Rural Development Project (NSIRDP)

Experimental plot opposite the Farmers Training Center.
Coconut-Coir and Productivity Center
UEP Woodwork and Concrete Products
Philippines-Australia Joint Project
University Research Office, Northern Samar  Pili R & Center,Northern Samnar Techno Gabi Coordination Center
 Pili Seedlings