Shade shelter at Protacio's Beach Resort
  Note: Protacio's contact numbers - Ms. Marlene Villamar/ Levie Viana 09298799740/09205823089


Two very young visitors at the Don Juan Karaoke Bar


At the present time (March 2011) Lubang does not have any tourist hotels and the Lubang Island group appears to be in a very early phase with regard to the development of tourism and the associated facilities.

There has been more development on home stays over the past year and I have included a separate page on these.

In Tagbac, in the Municipality of Lubang, there are three resorts with some accommodation - The Bamboo Hut Resort, Protacio Beach Resort and the Don Juan Beach Resort. Behind the airport is the Airlink Beach Resort.

People appear to go to Protacio, Don Juan and Bamboo Hut resorts principally for a days outing - bathing at the beach and singing karaoke etc.

In October 2009 typhoon Ondoy damaged the swimming pool at the Bamboo Hut Resort and most facilities were not operational for a few months. It is now fully operational.

This year (2011) I have placed Protacio and Bamboo hut on separate pages.

UPDATE: June 2014:
A small hotel named the "LUBANG BAY HOTEL", in Tilik, next to the ferry terminal, is now open.


Poster for Don Juan Beach Resort on Motor Bance Gods Grace II

  The Don Juan resort, located next to Protacio Beach resort in Tagbac, has a cottage with two rooms containing double beds and air conditioning. The main building also has two rooms.
Facilities include:
Videoke, Grill house and Multi-Purpose hall.

As far as I am aware flights from Lubang Airport are only available for medical emergencies. (June 2013)

Jan. 2014:
I met the new manager Marcial (Bert) Bertos and his contact number is 0928-4533-278

Lubang Hotel Dining Room - Tilik - June 2014

Rate: Single P1,500; Double: P2000. (October 2014)
Accommodation: 16 Airconditioned Rooms (5 single bed & 11 Double)
Facilities: Bar & Restaurant, coffee vending machine, Ice cream machine, with kitchen.
Contact: Ms. Ching Tria 09293190910

Lubang Hotel Tilik
Dive with Chot - D'blue rider

August 2013:
Chot Lucas organises diving trips to locations of interest in Lubang from Don Juan Villa Beach Resort.

He is a co-owner with Lily Yang in "DIVE WITH CHOT" at Sabang Inn Resort, Puerto Galera. (

Chot gave me some photos of scuba diving in Lubang, but I have yet to sort them out.

I understand that the partners of X-Divers stayed at Don Juan Resort, and dived with Chot, while construction was in progress on their own site.

It is possible that Chot may go to Looc and set up a scuba diving business there.

One advantage that Looc has over Tagbac, is that its significantly closer to Puerto Galera

Update January 2014:
I understand from the local people that it is unlikely that Chot Lucas will be training any more potential scuba divers in Lubang.

Danielle's Bar and Grill - Don Juan Resort

Compressor with dive tanks at Don Juan Resort.
Interior view of Danielle's Bar and Grill

Main building at Don Juan Beach Resort
Videoke machine at Don Juan Beach Resort
Cottage at Don Juan Resort