Interior of a chapel at the Talisay Polytechnic Institute(TPI)


San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila - San Guillermo Church - Talisay

Myrna and I spent a few days at the Club Isabel Balai resort in Talisay during December 2013. On this page are a few snapshots from that visit.

In 1869 Talisay became formally known as a Municipio or a municipality, and it celebrates its town fiesta on February 10 of each year.

The local church is dedicated to San Guillermo (Saint William). Although the parish itself was established in 1874, the church was only built in the 1970s.

San Guillermo is depicted as a statue on the front of the church holding a skull to symbolize man's mortality, and a crucifix, upon which he reflected on Christ's passion as a hermit in the desert.

Talisay is said to have been named after a large Talisay tree on which a Church bell was hung by a temporary church. When the bell was rung people said they were going “SA MAY TALISAY”.

I would like to visit Talisay again and make the Taal Volcano trip from there. I have previously visited the crater lake from San Nicolas. Myrna was not well, suffering from influenza which she acquired on the flight to the Philippines. Thus we were unable to explore the area more fully.

Reference: Talisay, Batangas, the gateway to Taal Volcano (

San Guillermo Parish Church - Talisay
Municipal Hall - Talisay
San Guillermo statue at Joseph Mary Church, Club Balai Isabel
Municipal Hall Talisay
Joseph and Mary Church, Club Balai Isabel

The Church was built by Club Balai Isabel to provide a place for formal wedding ceremonies.

The Chapel stands beside the ruins of an 17th century Church believed to be the old church of Sala.

Accommodation units at Club Balai Isabel
Talisay Public Market
Angel's Hamburgers at Talisay Market
Gas Bottles at Talisay Market
Butchers Shop - Talisay Market
Group celebrating at the Soriano Resort,Talisay
Barangay Banga Hall
Senior Citizens Club Talisay
Talisay Mini Cock Pit
Entrance - Lake Club, Talisay
Lake Club,Talisay
Yachts at Taal Lake Yacht Club
Taal Volcano Boat Rental at Soriano Resort