Tree roots on Cabra Island Lighthouse


Cabra Island Lighthouse lantern room

The Cabra lighthouses are located about 75 km from Manila. The original lighthouse was built by the Spaniards in 1889, to mark the passage from the South China Sea, to the Verde passage through the center of the Philippines archipelago.

The lantern room pictured on the left is mounted on an approximately 20 m cylindrical tower originally painted white. The white light occulted about every 5 seconds.

Above the lantern is a dome made of metal and the interior and exterior of it is clad with copper. Above the dome is a ball vent through which air can pass. Finally there is a wind vane topped by a lightening rod

In the interior of the dome, beneath the top, can be seen a large concave dish surrounding the event tube. This concave dish caught any condensation that formed in the top of the lantern.

Beneath the lens was a service room that contained clockwork mechanisms for rotating the optics.


The two lighthouses on Cabra Island, Lubang

The newer solar powered lighthouse was operational circa 2000 and is situated about 100m from the previous one - originally called "Faro de la Isla de Cabra".

The old lighthouse is in a poor state of repair, and there are warning notices not to enter the interior of what was the single story lighthouse keepers residence. Apparently the spiral staircase has partly collapsed.

Cabra Lighthouse - left rear corner
Plaque on the 1899 Lighthouse, Cabra Island
Rear view of 1899 lighthouse, Cabra Island
Cabra Island lighthouse front entrance
1899 Cabra Island lighthouse kitchen area
1899 Cabra Island Lighthouse - Power House area
Entrance to the lighthouse keepers quarters.
Interior passageway in th lighthouse keepers quarters