Welcome - Airlink Beach Resort


Amenities black and student accomodation

Air Link International Aviation College has a flying school based at the domestic airport in Manila and also a base at Lubang Island.

The Airlink's Beach Resort, on the eastern coast behind Lubang Airport, primary purpose is to provide accommodation and recreational facilities for its aviation students. However it does provide accommodation to non-students.

The resort has 20 airconditioned rooms of which 12 can accommadate 5 people. The other 8 rooms are suites.

Facilities include:
A basketball court, swimming pool, video facilities, 4 storey view deck, pingpong table, 2 billiard tables, and 2 jetski units.
Contact numbers: +63(2)9209266279/09178532600/8540586

Four storey observation deck and apartments
Accomodation units with A/C
Airlink Beach Resort Basketball Court
Watch out for falling coconut
An outdoor playground
Coconut palms at Airlink Beach Resort
A relaxed visitor at Airlink Beach Resort
Airlink Beach Resort Swimming Pool
General Recreation Room
Boat shed at Airlink Beach Resort
Airlink Beach Resort, sea water pool
Towards the end of Airlink's pier
Fishing at the end of Airlink's pier