Barangay Tagbac Headquarters


Confessional in Tagbac Chapel

The name "Tagbac" is said to derive from that of a medicinal plant called Tagbak that grew widely in the area.

In the NSO population census of 2007 Tagbac's population was 4056 made up of 960 households.

Tagbac was a sitio of Lubang before becoming a barrio in 1952. After this an elementary school was opened, a day care center, barangay hall constructed , a concrete stage and a playground in the plaza.

I have covered many details of Tagbac on other pages - for instance the beach resorts in Tagbac.

"According to stories of old-timers of this place, in one part of Tagbac which the people called Kabila, the seashore of Sitio Kusang Loob at present, the champans or ships of Chinese merchants who bartered goods with their ancestors, used to anchor."

"It was mentioned in history that from those merchants, the people of Lubang learned how to make more advanced weapons for warfare which they used in fighting the Spanish soldiers who landed in the island in 1572."

In World War II the Japanese bombed an American ship - La Estrella del Caltex - off the shores of Tagbac, under the impression it was a battleship. Some of the bombs missed and fell onshore burning some local houses.

Interior of Tagbac Chapel

"The Catholic Church also helped in improving the life of the people in Tagbac. As a result of the formation program implemented in this barangay by the priests and religious sisters assigned at the town’s center and the visits of Bishop Vicente Manuel, SVD, DD to this place, the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) of Tagbac became active."

"Through the efforts of its members, the chapel constructed by Fr. Bernhard Kasellmann, SVD was made bigger. At the start of the new millennium, when San Isidro Labrador Parish was created as a parish, Tagbac was made as its center. The chapel was again made bigger by BEC members."

Reference: HISTORY OF LUBANG by Rudy Candelario - translated into English by Benjamin Walata. (

Beulah Bible Baptist Church
Tagbac Chapel Exterior
Jesus Elect Generation Ministry Inc.
Catholic Chapel at Kusang Loob
Tabac Water Reservoir >
Lubang water district - Tagbac sub-office
Tagbac water supply centrifugalpump
Tagbac water supply diesel motor

In 2012 the main Tagbac potable water supply was extended to sitio Kusang Loob.

Feasibility studies were previously conducted (circa 2006), to assess the use of electricity generated by a wind turbine to pump water from a local bore in Kusang Loob, but nothing eventuated.

Previously groups of residents had their own wells, with hand or electrically operated pumps.

Inside the Tagbac sub-office
A Tagbac water supply worker
Tsunami hazard warning
Early warning device
Fish nets at Tagbac beach
Fish drying at Tagbac beach
Fish grilling
Lookout near Bamboo Hut
Part of the interior of the Shakira Resort
Shakira Resort at Tagbac Cove beachfront
Kusang Loob Elementary School - old block
Old block at Tagbac Elementary School
New block at Tagbac Elementary School

Over the past decade there has been extensive rebuilding at elementary school sites and many of the old buildings have been demolished.

As many of the new bulidings tend to look long and narrow, I have displayed them in a larger format on Panoramio - for instance the Kusang Loob new Elementary School at:

Demolishment of an old section at Tagbac Elementary School
A direlect house in Tagbac