Its people who make the place

Note: Photo taken during a vigil for a person who has just died.


Kamias tree fruit

On the way to Looc we turned off to the left to visit Agkawayan as Myrna wanted to buy some bottled water. By coincidence a friend of hers was also visiting Agkawayan, so we were there for some time.

In 1916 when Looc became a separate municipality to Lubang Agkawayan was temporarily made the seat of the municipal government.

Circa 1922 the seat of government for the municipality of Looc was transferred to its present location.

The kamias fruit tree pictured was originally introduced from tropical America. Because of it's sour taste it is often added to fish dishes

The tagalog word for bamboo is 'kawayan' In the early days of settlement bamboo grew extensively. One story states that when outsiders asked local people where they came from, the villagers replied 'taga-kawayan' - thus the village came known as Tagakawayan. Over time the name shortened to Agkawayan.

Bernardo Canal
Agkawayan Barangay Hall
Agkawayan barangay pharmacy and the Garcia billiard hall.
Agkawayan sea wall damage from cyclone Yolanda, November 2013
View south of the Barangay Hall, Agkawayan

Fortunately, the sea wall had been renovated in the region of the barangay hall and was not damaged by Cyclone Yolanda. The new wharf, pictured below, was also not affected.

Agkawayan Barangay Pier
Chairs at the seaward side of the Agkawayan Pier
Agkawayan Wharf Dec. 2013
Agkawayan Health Center
Agkawayan Health Center
St. Gabriel de Archangel - Agkawayan
Interior of St. Gabriel de Archangel - Agkawayan
Agkawayan baskelball court
Agkawayan Elementary School
Residence of Felicidas Vilandue - Agkawayan
Street scene - Agkawayan
Washing Day
Caribou with sledge
Sari-sari store
A 'Dirty Kitchen'

In the Philippines, with the larger houses, most of the cooking is done in a shelter outside the main house. This is called the 'Dirty Kitchen'.

Kubo Hire Poster - Palanas Beach
Palanas Beach Poster
Rubbish container at Palanas Beach
Shelter for coconut palms - Palanas Beach - Agkawayan
View of Ambil Island from Agkawayan