M/B San Polinar February 2005


Lubang Squadron stretcher

On Tuesday, February 8 2005, the large passenger banca the 'San Polinar' hit a reef and sank off Talatao, Golo Island, at approximately 11am.

The vessel was owned by a Mr. Lim of Palawan. A distress call was sent out and the rescue was completed by 1.30am, Wednesday the 9th. of February.

The boat carried eight passengers, six crew members, 30 sacks of salt and two sacks of dried squid.

A boat passing by took six passengers and the M/Y (Motor Yacht) Kenliss II, owned by Captain Taylour, took another 7.

A fatality was identified as Beuna Zapata 42, and listed as missing was Rona Zapata aged 10, and the boat’s skipper, Andres dela Fuente.

The survivors were taken to the Lubang Hospital on Lubang Island.

The Kenliss II towed the San Polinar back to Tagbac Cove.

During his residence at Tagbac Cove, Lubang Island, Captain Taylour (Lord Headfort) was active in the Lubang Squadron of the PCGA and went to the aid of many local fishermen.

Reference: Philippine Daily Inquirer - Saturday, April 23,2005

Because I required more than one page to illustrate Lord Headfort's activities in Lubang Island, I have included links to the other pages below:

Kenlis House     Lord Headfort's Tangal Farm

M/Y Kenlis II at Tagbac Cove
Working on the Kenlis II at Tagbac Cove
Seven survivors fromthe San Polinar at Lubang Hospital
Captain Taylour on board the M/Y Kenlis II
Barry Aldred PCGA Officer, Tagbac Squadron,Tagbac Cove, Lubang Island
M/Y Kenlis II at the Manila Yacht Club, 2004
View of M/Y Kenliss II from the mooring

View of the cabin from the foredeck of M/Y Kenlis II

Note the James Bond touch - PCGA 007! - in the image on the left

Lord Headfort enjoying a swim at Tagbavc Cove 2005
Lord Headfort and Alvin Salvador at the Subic Bay Yahct Club - 1996

By email on 23/7/2018 I received the picture on the left of Alvin Salvador and Captain Taylour at the Subic Bay Yacht Club with the following note:
  Captain William Taylour suffered a mild heart attack due to pacemaker malfunction on board Kenlis II. I accidentally received their distress call from my radio and met them at SBMA yacht Club. Kept this photo to honour him saving peoples lives.

Slpway for the Kenlis II in Tagbac Cove
Remains of the rear wall of the slipway shed built to shelter the Kenlis II
A Philippine Navy Band at Lord Headforts residence on the 25 June 2005