Waliswis - at the end of the Looc to Tagbac National Road


A tourist

I can find very little information on the fishing village of Waliswis on the WWW. So I hope that the pictures on this page helps to fill in a few gaps.

On the Tagbac Cove sea front, sitio Waliswis of barangay Tagbac, appears to be bounded on the Western side by the Tagbac - Looc National Road and the estuary of the Tagbac Creek on the Eastern side.

During the period 1975 - 1996 many Vietnamese boat people landed in the Philippines.

A boat filled with Vietnamese refugees was stranded in Tagbac cove circa 1978. The inhabitants and the local government of Lubang helped them.

After staying in Lubang Island for a few months, they were sent to the refugee processing center in the province of Bataan.

The English translation of the Tagalog word 'Waliswis' is said to be - 'swishing sound of branches in the wind'.

Tagbac - Tumibo - Binacas road through Waliswis

At present there are extensive upgrading of roads projects taking place in Lubang Island and this includes improvements to the road from Tagbac to Binacas through Tumibo.

The original plan of the DPWH was to:
Pave all existing unpaved national arterial roads (15,872 Kms) by 2014;
Pave all existing unpaved national secondary roads (15,370 Kms) by 2016;

The Tumibo bridge accross the Tagbac Creek
Central portion of Waliswis from the beachfront
Looking at the start of the Tagbac - Looc National Highway
Passenger baggage for the boat to Cabra Island
Scrap metal from Cabra Island
Truck loaded with scrap metal from Cabra Island
A Sari Sari store at the beginning of the Tagbac to Looc National Highway
A Waliswis Residence
Gathering fish from a net at Waliswis
Sun drying fish at Waliswis
Emptying the fish net at Waliswis
Bowl of fish from a net at Waliswis
Tricycle assembly - Waliswis
Drying fish at the beachfront of Waliswis
Sun drying sea cucumbers at Waliswis
Sun drying seed pods at Waliswis
Grilling a fish at Waliswis
Waliswis Baptist Church
A typical access way to the beach in Waliswis
A house at the estuary of Tagbac Creek
Setting fish nets in the Tagbac Creek