Dome of Peace
Pacific War Memorial: For Filipino and American fighting men who gave their lives to win the land sea and air victories which restored freedom and peace to the Pacific Ocean Area.


Sleep my Sons

The stone altar in the center of the Dome of Peace, is directly under the dome's oculus, through which light falls on the altar during daylight hours.

General Wainright Statement
Flame of Freedom

As glimpsed in the background of the Peace Dome photo above is this 40 foot high (12 m) Coron steel structure. It is the work of Aristides Demetrios and symbolises freedom.

Anti-aircraft gun and Tombstone at the Japanese Garden of Peace
Tribute to the Brave

A Shinto fertility Symbol? at the Japanese Garden for Peace
Text for Repose of Souls

Repose of Souls
Stone Chrysanthemum Flower and grave markers
Grave Marker
Anti-aircraft guns at the Japanese Garden of peace

When I look at the apparent symbolism at the Japanese Garden of Peace it gives me the impression that the desire is for more soldiers to be bred to fight again for the Imperial family.

I hope that I am mistaken in my Western viewpoint.

Ten foot high stone fertility Buddha
Wounded Soldier - Brothers at Arms
To the Angels
Courtyard of the Dome of Peace paved with Bloodstones